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8898 Can you please send a list of everything included in the kit like you have in the Deluxe description? 2/5/2016

8895 Hi there. Curious to know...when using the black licorice stick, at what point to I place it in the pot? At the beginning when I'm steeping the malts?...or at the latter portion of the brewing when I'm adding the hops? Love your site...hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. 1/24/2016

8894 Whats the shipping weight for this press 1/23/2016

8892 I mixed a 5 gr packet premier cuve yeast with 20 liters of white wine + 40 gr powder corn sugar to produce a sparkling wine a week ago, but there is no signs of fermentation. It seems to be stuck!! cellar temperature is 27º C. Did I do something wrong ?? Thank you Regards from Argentina 1/18/2016

8891 I currently have one of your 8 gallon primary fermenter with spigot. I would like to purchase another. Can extra lids be purchased? 1/14/2016

8890 While looking through your site it looks like you guys will install a spigot kit on a brewpot if they are both purchased at the same time. Is that right? and if so, more specifically does that apply to the 8gal Heavy Duty stainless brew pot? 1/13/2016

8885 Does the pot come with a lid? 1/2/2016

8884 I want to make a gluten free bread that is made with RICE FLOUR. Could one of these wine yeast work (as opposed to wheat yeasts that are sold at the grocery store)? It may be a long shot but if it worked, that would be AMAZING. (do you use any wheat, barley or rye when feeding/keeping your yeast)? Thanks for entertaining my questions! 1/1/2016

8873 Is there a break down of ingredients for recipe for your rain beer? 11/6/2015

8872 Will my 15.5 keg (keggle) work on this burner? 11/1/2015

8871 Do yoU post to Australia? 10/22/2015

8868 I was looking at the wine juice concentrate cans and I know you have some FAQs on your site which are very helpful but I'm wondering if the cans have directions included on the label too. I'm looking to buy for myself and a friend. Thank you! 10/5/2015

8865 Pertaining to the copper mesh you sell, in the description it says it good for a 2" by 36" column. I have been reading the compleat distiller book (that I got at Home Brew Heaven)and the description about how to install it is kind of weak. Can you add more instruction or description of how it should be installed. I'm not looking for s technique to stuff it in there but more of what it should look like when finally installed to best act as a reflux column? I have read online that four 6" wads . . . 9/24/2015

8861 can I purchase replacement rubber seals for the bottles I purchase? 8/30/2015

8859 how much dry rice extract would i need to make a 5 gallon batch of beer 8/26/2015