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8985 good morning.i have a recipe that calls for 1/8 ounce of grape tannin could tell me in teaspoons how much should i use. thanks for your help LARRY 7/1/2017

8968 Is the peated malt 100% barley? Is it already germinated and ready for cooking? 3/10/2017

8967 Will this corker work for champagne corks? 3/9/2017

8961 Does the coconut flavoring actually mix with wine? or will it settle straight to the bottom of the carboy? 2/10/2017

8957 I measured the abv as soon a my product came out the still but it was cold since my condenser had ice. Does the alcohol meter read lower or higher if the product is cold? 12/17/2016

8955 Can I purchase these bottles as singles or only 12 at a time? How much are they if purchased one at a time? 12/3/2016

8948 How far from the heat source should the thermometer be placed? (closer to the bottom, the middle or the top)? 10/24/2016

8944 Why does the Alexander Sun Country 12.5% red wine concentrate recipe not add sugar? The 2 and 3 cans recipes do. 10/9/2016

8943 If I use this to get a fermentation this is stuck due to high levels of unfermentables, can I still bottle the beer, or will the enzyme keep working its way through all the sugars? 10/5/2016

8940 If I use the cherry fruit wine base can I use part grape juice instead of all water and do you have any recommendations on what percentage? I would like to make a combination of Ives Noir grape juice and your cherry fruit wine base. Thank You.... 9/29/2016

8931 what is the best yeast for making brandy? 8/11/2016

8927 I am using super kleer to clear up a 5 gallon batch of still mead. I followed the directions in adding the two parts and stirring, but have discovered that some online references say that you add part 1 and stir, wait 1-24 hours and then add part 2 and stir then wait 12-48 hours for effect....I did the two step process with only about 10 minutes in-between. Will it still work? 8/2/2016

8923 I like using corn sugar instead of table sugar for my wine base wines. How much corn sugar should be used for the 5 gallon Pear wine base recipe? 6/16/2016

8921 what is the best yeast to make cranberry wine with cranberry juice? 6/1/2016

8912 I am trying to decide how many bags of American Style DME to buy since I'm just starting out and wonder what the shelf life is on the unopened bags if kept refrigerated? Like most new projects, I'm sure this will go in fits and jerks until I master the process... 4/15/2016