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8961 Does the coconut flavoring actually mix with wine? or will it settle straight to the bottom of the carboy? 2/10/2017

8958 What are the instructions to make this, its sounds fabulous, but not sure if I would like it. 1/9/2017

8957 I measured the abv as soon a my product came out the still but it was cold since my condenser had ice. Does the alcohol meter read lower or higher if the product is cold? 12/17/2016

8955 Can I purchase these bottles as singles or only 12 at a time? How much are they if purchased one at a time? 12/3/2016

8951 I don't have a crusher. can i buy a 50 lb bag of crushed grain? what other crushed organic options are there? 11/15/2016

8950 Does this kit come with all the necessary equipment as well as the ingredients? 11/2/2016

8948 How far from the heat source should the thermometer be placed? (closer to the bottom, the middle or the top)? 10/24/2016

8945 Will your Champagne Stoppers fit regular wine bottles and are they suitable for bottling wine after fermentation? Pros and cons please. Thank you. 10/15/2016

8944 Why does the Alexander Sun Country 12.5% red wine concentrate recipe not add sugar? The 2 and 3 cans recipes do. 10/9/2016

8943 If I use this to get a fermentation this is stuck due to high levels of unfermentables, can I still bottle the beer, or will the enzyme keep working its way through all the sugars? 10/5/2016

8940 If I use the cherry fruit wine base can I use part grape juice instead of all water and do you have any recommendations on what percentage? I would like to make a combination of Ives Noir grape juice and your cherry fruit wine base. Thank You.... 9/29/2016

8939 Is this item customizable, and by that I mean could you print words or pictures on them? 9/26/2016

8931 what is the best yeast for making brandy? 8/11/2016

8928 When using whirlfloc If its one tablet per 5 gallons, is there smaller sizes for one gallon batches? 8/4/2016

8927 I am using super kleer to clear up a 5 gallon batch of still mead. I followed the directions in adding the two parts and stirring, but have discovered that some online references say that you add part 1 and stir, wait 1-24 hours and then add part 2 and stir then wait 12-48 hours for effect....I did the two step process with only about 10 minutes in-between. Will it still work? 8/2/2016