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8852 Hello, I'm thinking of purchasing this carb stone. do I need to use any hose clamps inside the keg or will it handle the psi needed to carb and serve with just tubing? Cheers 7/9/2015

8851 Can this fitting be mounted to the bottom of a kettle as a bottom drain so I can clean in place? 7/1/2015

8848 What is the best way to put in plastic champagne corks in when botling? Corker, hammer or? 6/23/2015

8845 Hi, Could you be more specific on which Briess DME this is? They seem to have several (e.g. "golden light" and "pilsen light"). Thanks, Brian 6/15/2015

8844 This is my 1st time making wine, I know nothing. I have ordered the 5 gal bottle and the fernometer where does it go on the container 6/11/2015

8843 What are the dimension of a 50 Lb. bag of barley malt. 6/10/2015

8841 Is your bulk LME hopped or un-hopped? Do you offer hopped LME in bulk? 5/26/2015

8840 The lid blew off my primary bucket, exposing it to the air. Is by batch ruined? 5/26/2015

8839 While brewing a Death By Barleywine kit, both the ale and champagne yeast got pitched into the primary at the start of fermentation. Should I purchase another champagne yeast packet and pitch in the secondary after transfer? 5/19/2015

8838 Can I add molasses to ur puget sound stout to increase the chocolate favor and alcohol? 5/6/2015

8836 New to mead making and there is only one thing that is not clear in the instructions. The kit comes with a 2 part clarifier but it is not mentioned in a step. Do you add it at the same time as the Campden tablets and Potassium Sorbate? 4/25/2015

8834 Can crystal rye promote a stuck sparge like rye malt and flaked rye can? 4/17/2015

8831 I am beginning to place another order with you. the 10" funnel, I see it comes with a filter screen, I will be using it to filter wine, is it a coarse screen, or fine mesh? I will be needing both. Just need to know which one to order extra. 4/5/2015

8829 What is the alcohol tolerance of this yeast? Thanks. 3/31/2015

8825 Hi- this may be an odd question for you. My son lives in Bogota, Colombia, and is having trouble getting Citra and Simcoe hops. Do you ship hops outside the United States? And if you do, do you have an idea what the costs can be for 2-4 pounds of hops? Many thanks- Charlie 3/22/2015