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8873 Is there a break down of ingredients for recipe for your rain beer? 11/6/2015

8872 Will my 15.5 keg (keggle) work on this burner? 11/1/2015

8871 Do yoU post to Australia? 10/22/2015

8868 I was looking at the wine juice concentrate cans and I know you have some FAQs on your site which are very helpful but I'm wondering if the cans have directions included on the label too. I'm looking to buy for myself and a friend. Thank you! 10/5/2015

8865 Pertaining to the copper mesh you sell, in the description it says it good for a 2" by 36" column. I have been reading the compleat distiller book (that I got at Home Brew Heaven)and the description about how to install it is kind of weak. Can you add more instruction or description of how it should be installed. I'm not looking for s technique to stuff it in there but more of what it should look like when finally installed to best act as a reflux column? I have read online that four 6" wads . . . 9/24/2015

8861 can I purchase replacement rubber seals for the bottles I purchase? 8/30/2015

8859 how much dry rice extract would i need to make a 5 gallon batch of beer 8/26/2015

8856 One of my favorite beers ever was Custom Brewcrafter's Black Jack Licorice Stout. It had a very present black licorice aroma and taste, but was very balanced with the roasted malts. Sadly, they have discontinued it, but I'm looking to remake it. My wife for my birthday bought me a milk stout kit, and two of the pictured licorice sticks. 1. Is this feasible (with the milk stout kit)? 2. If I'm looking for a more present licorice smell and taste, should I add a little more of the stick, . . . 8/20/2015

8852 Hello, I'm thinking of purchasing this carb stone. do I need to use any hose clamps inside the keg or will it handle the psi needed to carb and serve with just tubing? Cheers 7/9/2015

8851 Can this fitting be mounted to the bottom of a kettle as a bottom drain so I can clean in place? 7/1/2015

8848 What is the best way to put in plastic champagne corks in when botling? Corker, hammer or? 6/23/2015

8845 Hi, Could you be more specific on which Briess DME this is? They seem to have several (e.g. "golden light" and "pilsen light"). Thanks, Brian 6/15/2015

8844 This is my 1st time making wine, I know nothing. I have ordered the 5 gal bottle and the fernometer where does it go on the container 6/11/2015

8843 What are the dimension of a 50 Lb. bag of barley malt. 6/10/2015

8841 Is your bulk LME hopped or un-hopped? Do you offer hopped LME in bulk? 5/26/2015