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8915 What's the difference between b brite and one step? Do I need to use both... For instance clean with b brite and rinse, then use one step and let it air dry? 4/28/2016

8914 If I want to add a can of Vinter's Harvest elderberry puree to a Nectar of the Gods kit, at what point should I do that? Thank you in advance for your help. 4/25/2016

8912 I am trying to decide how many bags of American Style DME to buy since I'm just starting out and wonder what the shelf life is on the unopened bags if kept refrigerated? Like most new projects, I'm sure this will go in fits and jerks until I master the process... 4/15/2016

8911 Is the OD of this fitting actually 1-1/16"? 4/10/2016

8910 Sir I have prepare guava cider in my research Work so how to measure alcohol content of guava cider by use in alcoholmeter ? 3/30/2016

8909 I have a 17 gallon conical. Can I use it for 5 gallon batches or is there too much headroom? 3/23/2016

8906 Do you have 100% Barley dry malt extract? 3/17/2016

8905 Does this siphon have a spring tip on the outlet end, I can't tell in the picture, for filling bottles or is that a separate attachment? 3/15/2016

8899 Do you ship hops and other supplies to Great Britain? 2/11/2016

8898 Can you please send a list of everything included in the kit like you have in the Deluxe description? 2/5/2016

8895 Hi there. Curious to know...when using the black licorice stick, at what point to I place it in the pot? At the beginning when I'm steeping the malts?...or at the latter portion of the brewing when I'm adding the hops? Love your site...hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. 1/24/2016

8894 Whats the shipping weight for this press 1/23/2016

8892 I mixed a 5 gr packet premier cuve yeast with 20 liters of white wine + 40 gr powder corn sugar to produce a sparkling wine a week ago, but there is no signs of fermentation. It seems to be stuck!! cellar temperature is 27º C. Did I do something wrong ?? Thank you Regards from Argentina 1/18/2016

8891 I currently have one of your 8 gallon primary fermenter with spigot. I would like to purchase another. Can extra lids be purchased? 1/14/2016

8890 While looking through your site it looks like you guys will install a spigot kit on a brewpot if they are both purchased at the same time. Is that right? and if so, more specifically does that apply to the 8gal Heavy Duty stainless brew pot? 1/13/2016